Braille Education


Braille Education

HWOHL provides education to the visually impaired children through Braille script which is the only medium for them to get the education. At present we have visually impaired students enrolled from 1st - 5th and are provided education in all the subjects prescribed by the JK BOSE. We use Braille slate, Taylor frame, Abacus, Braille books to teach these students. And all other teaching learning material.


  • By imparting education through Braille to the visually impaired children has brought significant changes in the lives of these students, because prior to this they were demoralized and isolated, but now they are confident and positive looking.
  • They are at par with other students studying in normal schools.
  • Now we with the help of National Association of Blind New Delhi  -provide students books in Braille script.
  • HWOHL is the only centre after Composit Regional Centre for persons with disabilities Bemina Srinagar to provide education to the visually impaired students.


Converting print books into Braille script at National Association of Blind (New Delhi),  takes a lot of time, because of time constraint at National Association of Blind- New Delhi - children's studies suffer.

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